The Student Council
Back Row (L to R) - Jade Watson, Grace Robertson, Darby Mills, Kaelin White, Vanessa Trotter
Second from Back Row (L to R) - Jerilyn Garrett, Emily Hudgel, Hope Kreml, Brett Ferguson, Jordan Syroney, Cade Williams
Third from Back Row (L to R) - Jessica Henderson, Whitney Bauman, Olivia Parrett, Kaylee Ferguson, Braden Arrasmith
Front Row (L to R) - Lydia Phipps, Molly Bauman, Alisan Behr, Emma Smith
12th Grade
Emily Hudgel
Hope Kreml
Molly Bauman
Jessica Henderson
11th Grade
Jordan Syroney
Jade Watson
Whitney Bauman
Jerilyn Garrett
10th Grade
Cade Williams
Alisan Behr
Olivia Parrett
Kaylee Ferguson
9th Grade
Kaelin White
Brett Ferguson
Braden Arrasmith
Junior High
Vanessa Trotter
Emma Smith
Grace Robertson
Lydia Phipps
Darby Mills

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