Category Boys Girls
Next Host of Saturday Night Live (Class Clown) Zerik Davis Rebeccah Kinnett
Biggest Love Bugs (Cutest Couple) Tommy Stout Jerilin Toller
Next Beyonce & Ed Sheeran (Most Musical) Ethan Lowe Kylie Sims
First Round Draft Picks (Most Athletic) Levi Skinner Jenny Seas
Future Rhodes Scholar (Most Likely to Succeed) Jordan Syroney Jerilyn Garrett
Fashion Police (Best Dressed) Logan Travis Madison Pierce
Most likely to be Seen in the Louvre (Most Artistic) Ethan Lowe Kyleigh Adkins
Future Hollywood Resident (Most Likely To Be Famous) Michael Rader Jade Watson
Least Likely To Yell (Quietest) Adam Sowders Carlie Ward
The Fisher Price Kids ( Least Likely To Grow UP) Preston Knauff Mackenzie Farahay
Most Addicted to their Dental Floss (Best Smile) Logan Travis Jerilin Toller
Most Presentable to Mom and Dad (Best over-all) Levi Skinner Jade Watson
Biggest Chatterbox (Biggest Mouth) Sam Schmitz Rylee Hampton
Most Likely to see a Shrink (Craziest Senior) Logan Dennison Rebeccah Kinnett
Happy Camper (Happiest Senior) Sam Crothers Braylan Baldwin
Everybody's Buddy (Friendliest Senior) Thomas Cromer Anna Kremin
School Mascot (School Spirit) Logan Travis Rylee Hampton
Little Miss/Mr Sunshine (Most likely to brighten your day) Travis Nicely Cherokee Runyon
Academy Award Winner (Drama King/Queen) Logan Dennison Makayla Lightner
Paul Mitchel Model (Best Hair) Ethan Lowe Johna Dunnigan
BFF's (Best Friends can be 2 guys or 2 girls) Rylee Hampton Johna Dunnigan
Most Likely to Rule the World (Future President) Jordan Syroney Whitney Bauman