F.C.S.4.N. or Fellowship of Christian Students for Noah

F.C.S is an organization that meets weekly at Peebles High School. This group of students meets to share with one another in B107 (Home Ec Room) on Friday mornings at 7:30. Students also participate in local charity functions such as canned food drives, collecting clothing for students in need, and, at times, visiting nursing homes. The group participates in "See you at the pole," a national event that happens in September, where students pray for their school and country. If interested in these events or meetings please contact a F.C.S member.
Please come and share in your faith. The name of this organization was changed for the 2015-2016 school year in memory of Noah Kreml, who was a loyal member of the organization. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Members for 2021-2022 are:
Uriah Adkins, Byron Stephens, Carson Reed, Hayden Countryman,
Codie Vogler, Ashton Burke, Dakota Pierce, Lily Trantow,
Shaylin Trantow, Amber Scott, Caydence Carroll, MaRhea Unger

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