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Minimum requirements for all
Adams County/Ohio Valley School District
high school students shall be the following:

Subject AreaCredits
Language Arts4
Social Studies
(Includes 1 unit of Amer. History and U.S. Govt.)
Mathematics 4
Personal Finance.5
Physical Education.5
Business/Technology or Fine Arts/Foreign Language1
Electives 5
Total Credits Required21.5

  1. Students must complete all requirements for graduation before they will be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies.

  2. Students are required to pass all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test before graduation, except where they are exempted by law.

  3. Course requirements may be revised to comply with the Ohio Revised Code and or Ohio State Department of Education requirements. The following courses or equivalents will be required for Adams County/Ohio Valley students in grades 9-10 in preparation for the Graduation Test. Physical Science Biology Social Studies I and II Integrated Math I and II or Algebra I and Geometry Language Arts I and II

  4. Students in grades 11 and 12 are required to pass the following additional courses: Language Arts III and IV (Advanced Placement L.A. courses may be substituted) 1 credit in Social Studies An additional one (1) elective science credit Algebra II or Integrated Math III

  5. Students who have not yet passed the graduation test will be placed in remediation courses for individual tutoring in areas of academic deficiencies.

  6. Students may earn high school credit prior to the ninth grade under the following conditions: a. The course must be taught by a person with high school certification. b. The course work must meet high school curriculum requirements.

  7. 7. At the beginning of the junior (11th) year, a student has a choice of remaining at the local high school or attending the career and technical center. In order to attend the career and technical center, a student should have earned at least ten (10) credits and have successfully completed the following: 2 credits language arts 2 credits math 2 credits science 2 credits social studies credits physical education (2 courses) credits health 1 credit in business/technology, fine arts or foreign language

  8. Class standing is determined by the number of credits attained as follows: a. Sophomore 5 b. Junior 10 c. Senior 15

  9. At the end of the 12th grade year, students will have developed a Career Passport consisting of the following: Section 1: Letter of Verification A letter written by the school administrator verifying that the student was enrolled in their school. Section 2: Resume A resume or personal data sheet developed by the student. Section 3: Validation of performance Part 1: Career Narrative - a one page paper defining the student's career goal and how they have reached that conclusion. Part 2: Evidence of Student Skills - the student's high school transcript. Part 3: Verification of Employability Skills - a one-page paper that describes how the student exhibits two of the five SCANS competencies. Additional Recommended Contents: 1. School profile describing the educational environment. 2. List of student accomplishments. 3. Letter of recommendation. 4. Sports, or related Personal Data Sheet. 5. Documentation of other abilities. 6. Documentation of community/volunteer service.


High School students are eligible for early graduation only if they have completed all credits and courses required for graduation in the AC/OVS district. In addition, students must have completed an approved Career Passport, have a 2.0 (C) average and show evidence of passage of all parts of the Ohio Graduation Tests. Students requesting early graduation will not be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian status. If high school seniors requesting early graduation have met these conditions, they may withdraw for the second semester and still participate in graduation exercises. Students who have met all graduation requirements earlier than their senior year will be eligible for participation in graduation exercises during the year they meet graduation requirements.

No request can be made for early graduation until the student has completed the sophomore year, earned ten credits with at least a 2.0 or C average, and passed all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test. Steps: Student makes preliminary contact with the guidance counselor to see if early graduation is possible. (Refer to the student handbook for full requirements and process)

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