History of Peebles High School

Our best information tells that Peebles High School was established in 1887. Peebles, Franklin, and Sinking Spring school districts were consolidated in 1968 and became a part of the Ohio Valley Local School District in 1970.

In the history of Peebles High School four buildings have served the high school:

  • In 1887 a two-room, two-story wooden school building was erected near the intersection of Vine St. and Wendell Ave. and served as the first Peebles High School. A. C. Hood was the first superintendent and 75 pupils were enrolled. The first class of four (Florence Custer Nixon, Anna Platter Watts, D. W. Reynolds, and Grace Wickerham) graduated in 1891. There was no graduation in the following years: 1892, 1893, 1895, 1896, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1907, and 1908. This building was destroyed by a fire sometime around 1910.
  • Following that fire, a large red brick building was completed in 1913 at a cost of $24,000 and served first as the high school, then later as the elementary school. This building had 6 class rooms, an auditorium, small library, typing room, and office. Band, home economics, and agriculture were later added to the curriculum. The wooden-frame "old gym" was erected nereby in 1927. This building was razed in (year needed)
  • Because of the rapidly expanding population, a new high school building, located on Simmons Avenue, was completed in 1952. This was built of yellow brick. A major addition was completed in February 1958 adding several classrooms to the West end of the main building. A single-story addition with four classrooms and two restrooms was added to the east end in 1974-75. In the early 1990s, a new Vo. Ag. classroom was added along with an elevator. In its last years as a high chool, there were 28 classrooms, library, Vo. Ag. classroom and shop, industrial arts classroom and shop, home economics classroom and kitchen, art room, computer lab and gymnasium. At that time the building housed 550 students in grades 7-12.
    This building became an elementary school from 1997-2010, and was raised in August 2011.
  • The present Jr/Sr high school building was completed in 1997.
Mary Wickerham and Mary Fulton contributed information for the above.

Senior Pictures

Want to look back at students who graduated in years gone-by? We are working on getting images of the senior class portrait composites.
Old School Buildings

In the early 1900s, there were nearly 50 schools serving the area we now consider to be the Peebles attendance area.
Over half of these teachers have left since 2001

Do you remember that teacher you had in the 8th grade back in the good-old days?
Take a trip back in time as you remember teachers and administrators from past years.

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